Driving on University Business


Employees must meet specific requirements, as described in The California State University Use of University and Private Vehicle Guidelines, and have a supervisor’s permission before using a university vehicle or personal vehicle for university business. The requirements include verification of the employee’s driving record, proof of adequate insurance coverage, and completion of defensive driver training.

When university employees are authorized to use privately owned vehicles on university business, personal vehicle liability insurance is primary coverage when an accident occurs.

When university employees are authorized to use an SDSU contracted rental vehicle on university business, the rental company's liability insurance is primary when an accident occurs.

For additional requirements related to travel on university business, see Travel Policies & Procedures.

For additional information and requirements related to defensive driver training and approval to use a personal vehicle for university business, see Parking and Transportation Services.


Students may not drive university vehicles or private vehicles on university business, unless they are employees or appointed volunteers. Students driving personal vehicles to and from university sponsored activities, i.e., academic field trips, are required to sign a Release of Liability (Waiver). Personal vehicle liability insurance is primary coverage when an accident occurs.

For additional information related to student travel, see Executive Order 1041.

University Owned Vehicles

The State of California's Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program (VELSIP) protects San Diego State University when university owned vehicles are driven by university employees. University employees are defined as faculty, staff, student employees, and appointed volunteers. University vehicles include automobiles, trucks, golf carts, or tractors. Motorcycles (except police motorcycles) and bicycles may not be used on university business.

The State of California's VELSIP is designed to provide reimbursement to third parties when the accident is the fault of the university employee. The cost of repairs for damage to a university vehicle may be the responsibility of the campus department.

For additional information related to Vehicle Liability Insurance, see University Insurance Programs.

Accident Reporting

All vehicle accidents must be reported within 48 hours. For additional information and reporting requirements, see Vehicle Accidents.