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The President's Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) is an advisory committee comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The committee reviews funding requests and makes recommendations to the President for approval.         


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Sharepoint site (accessible only to SDSU faculty and staff) set up to enhance transparency and participation in the budget planning process. This site provides information on the campus budget planning timeline and process, inclusive of budget requests and approved recommendations.

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SDSU is committed to providing the campus with an open and understandable visual display of the SDSU budget. Please click on the link to view the SDSU University Operating Fund (UOF) budget.

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SDSU University Facts

SDSU University Budget

Budget 101 Training

SDSU University Facts is a quick reference booklet providing general information about SDSU and its budget by fiscal year.

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SDSU University Budget is a presentation of the budget by fiscal year. It includes detailed budget information for the University Operating Fund (UOF) by division and summary budget information for other campus funds and auxiliaries.

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Budget & Finance hosts a quarterly Budget 101 training for those interested in learning more about the SDSU budget process and its interrelationships with the State of California and the Chancellor's Office budget processes.

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