Service of Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas

Summons and Complaints

The California State University (CSU), Office of General Counsel is the only office authorized to accept service of a summons or complaint on behalf of the CSU (which includes San Diego State University), the CSU Chancellor, and the CSU campus presidents.

Service of a summons or complaint on an individual (other than the campus president) must be served at the campus, wherever the individual is located.

Additional information related to the service of summons and complaints may be found at Service of Process, Subpoenas, and Small Claims Actions.


A subpoena for San Diego State University records must be personally served on the campus custodian of records, as follows:

  • Employment Records: Center for Human Resources, Employment 619-594-7901
  • Student Records: Associate Vice President, Administration 619-594-6017

A subpoena for the personal appearance of a CSU employee must be served on the employee.

Small Claims Actions

Documents relating to small claims actions may be delivered to the involved SDSU department (and do not have to be served on the CSU, Office of General Counsel).