Lab Equipment Clearance

In order to ensure that laboratory equipment is free from hazards, proper procedures need to be followed before moving it from a laboratory space. Equipment needs to be cleaned, decontaminated and assessed before its removal. Laboratory personnel are responsible for the following procedures:

  1. Identify the hazards associated with the equipment that you wish to remove.
  2. Follow the clearance procedures found in the Lab Equipment Clearance Procedures for each hazard you have identified.
  3. Fill out the Lab Equipment Clearance and Decontamination Form to inform EHS that the decontamination is complete.
  4. Once EHS has notified you of its verification, contact your department’s equipment manager for removal.

If you are vacating a space on campus, use our Lab Decommissioning process.


Lab Equipment Clearance Procedures

Lab Equipment Clearance and Decontamination Form