Lab Decommissioning

 Vacating a lab space? Let EHS know!

If you are not vacating a space on campus but need to move equipment, please use our Lab Equipment Clearance Process.

In order to ensure that vacated space is cleared for unrestricted future use (i.e. free of all chemical, biological, and radioactive materials), EHS must be notified prior to the space being vacated. Failure to properly decommission the space places new occupants at risk of exposure to hazardous materials.

Research personnel are responsible for ensuring the proper removal of hazardous materials and cleaning all chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination prior to vacating the lab space. EHS has developed a decommissioning checklist to assist researchers and departments in this process.


  1. As soon as there is an intention to vacate a lab space or re-locate a lab, notify EHS using this form. This form can be completed by the Principal Investigator, Lab Manager, Department Coordinator, or any other knowledgeable party. If you’re unsure if EHS has been notified, fill out the Intention to vacate a lab space or re-locate a lab.
  2. Complete the Decommissioning Checklist
  3. Contact [email protected] to schedule a decommissioning inspection.