Safety for Student Organizations

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) recognizes that student organizations are a part of the learning experience at San Diego State University. Some of the activities that student organizations participate in necessitates that participants are aware of the hazards that they are associating with. The following outlines how student organizations who work with hazardous materials and hazardous equipment are identified, included and trained in campus safety programs. 


Student organizations must complete the required application and be approved by the Center for Student Organizations and Activities to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO) each semester. During this process, the Center for Student Organizations and Activities will share key information (specifically the names and contact information of the organization president and their adviser, as well as a description of the organization’s purpose) with EHS for evaluation. EHS will evaluate a organization’s activities to determine if they are participating in organization activities that involve:

  • Hazardous Materials use 
  • Hazardous equipment use 

Inclusion in Campus Safety Programming 

Once identified, organizations will be added to BioRAFT, the campus software solution for safety management, and notified by email. There the adviser will indicate hazards, job tasks and members. Completion will begin the process of initiating training, chemical inventory management and annual consultations with EHS.


It is the responsibility of the adviser to assure that all safety procedures are being followed and that organization members are properly trained. During hazardous activities, the adviser must make sure that supervision of the activity is performed by a qualified and trained person.

If you have any safety related questions about Registered Student Organizations, please email us at [email protected]