Animal Research Safety

Animal Contact Surveillance Program

Animal Contact Surveillance Program

The Animal Contact Surveillance Program exists to ensure occupational exposure to animals and/or animal-derived materials are monitored and to reduce the health risks of personnel conducting work associated with the use of animals. Personnel working directly with research animals or who may have indirect animal contact face several occupational health risks, including the possibility of allergic reactions, animal-related injuries, and exposure to hazardous materials and zoonotic diseases.

Enrollment in the Animal Contact Surveillance Program is required for all personnel involved in IACUC-approved animal protocols and for employees working in SDSU animal facilities. This includes individuals working directly with animals or animal tissues and/or working in close proximity with animals. This program is provided at no cost to the individual. 

Complete an Animal Contact Program Questionnaire via Adobe Web Form

Add personnel to an IACUC approved animal protocol (accessible by PI's with approved animal protocols only)