Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances and Precursor Chemicals

The use of controlled substances in research is subject to regulations by the Federal (DEA) and the California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ). SDSU Environmental Health and Safety has an institutional registration with the DEA for research involving Schedule II-V Controlled Substances. Precursor chemicals may be procured for the researcher using this institutional registration. For questions, please contact [email protected] or call 619-594-6778. 


All individuals and groups associated with San Diego State University who have DEA registrations must comply with federal and state laws and University procedures governing controlled substances. These regulations include:


All controlled substances users must be trained. Contact [email protected] to schedule training for new users. 


Unwanted or unused controlled substances must be surrendered to EHS. Contact [email protected] for a waste pickup. 


Controlled Substances Use Authorization

Use Authorization Amendment (to add or delete substances or authorized personnel from the authorization)

Personnel Screening Data Sheet (Principal Investigator)

Personnel Screening Data Sheet (Authorized Personnel)

Controlled Substances Log Sheet

Controlled Substances Dilution Log Sheet

Controlled Substances Purchase Request