Protection of Minors

San Diego State University (SDSU) provides many opportunities for youth under the age of 18 (minors) to participate in campus programs and activities.  SDSU is committed to the safety and wellbeing of minors with whom we interact.  

The below guidelines apply to all SDSU programs and activities serving minors, to ensure appropriate protection for all:  

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Keep minors out of danger.  Anticipate common hazards such as busy roads, heat related injuries, and classroom and outdoor equipment use. Do not assume minors are fully informed and competent.   

Maintain appropriate boundaries.  Enjoy the opportunity to serve as a role model, teacher, coach, and guide to minors.  Treat minors with respect at all times.  Do not use inappropriate language or jokes.  Do not use social networking sites or text messaging to communicate privately.  Avoid singling one child out from the group to become your friend.    

Avoid being along with a minor.   One on one situations create the risk of child abuse.  Teach or coach in an open area with others around.  Do not be alone in an office or classroom with a single child.  Do not accompany minors into restrooms.  

Stay vigilant.  Maintain line of site supervision. Avoid distractions including personal electronics and conversations with other adults.  

Steer clear of transportation complications.  Watch for problems when parents pick up children.  Know who is authorized and not authorized.  Do not release a child to someone else.  Unless you have written permission from a parent or guardian, do not transport a minor yourself.  

Avoid abuse.  Do not engage in abusive conduct toward a minor or in the presence of a minor.  Take care not to touch minors inappropriately.  Never use corporal punishment or discipline designed to humiliate a minor.  Avoid high risk situations such as isolated areas and rooms, restrooms and locker rooms, minors supervising minors, and mixed aged groups.

Release of Liability (Waiver)

Release of Liability (Waiver) is designed to protect the university from legal liability and to inform participants of risks associated with certain activities.  A Waiver is required to be signed by a parent or guardian of a minor participating in an SDSU sponsored program or activity.  

Signed waivers must be kept on file in the department sponsoring the activity for three years following the activity (if the participant is a minor the waiver must be maintained for three years or until age 20, whichever is longer).

Incident Reporting


In the event of a medical or life threatening situation dial 911 to be connected to SDSU Police.  

Report injuries to a campus supervisor. A Student and Visitor Accident/Incident Report form may be used to document the incident.  

Inappropriate Behavior.

Inappropriate behavior (defined as any behavior that is not suitable or proper for the campus program or activity or any behavior that violates campus policy) may occur between minors or between minors and adults.  Respond calmly and appropriately to interrupt the behavior.  

Report the inappropriate behavior to a campus supervisor.  

Suspected Abuse.  

It the policy of the California State University (CSU) to require all Management Personnel Plan employees and all volunteers, and to strongly encourage all other members of the CSU community, to report child abuse and neglect occurring on CSU premises (including SDSU) or at official activities conducted by the CSU (including SDSU).

Detailed information, including categories of CSU employees who are Mandated Reporters, reporting requirements and procedures, and reporting forms is provided in Executive Order 1083 (revised July 21, 2017) and by the SDSU Center for Human Resources.

  Background Checks

The California State University (CSU) is committed to protecting the health, wellbeing, and safety of the campus community.  Background checks to include criminal records check and review of state and federal sex offender registries are required for employees (including appointed volunteers) with regular or direct contact with minors.  Periodic sex offender registry checks may also be conducted.  

Outside entities conducting activities with minors on a CSU property (including SDSU) are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate background checks are completed for its volunteers and employees.  

Detailed information about the CSU's Background Check Policy is provided in CSU Code HR 2017-07 and by the SDSU Center for Human Resources.  

  Additional Resources

Praesidium Training, Preventing Sexual Abuse in Youth Programs (January 16, 2018)


The above guidelines do not apply to the following:

  • SDSU programs or activities which are open to the general public and which minors attend accompanied by or at the discretion of a parent or guardian, such as Explore SDSU, athletic events, concerts, plays; and
  • SDSU programs or activities designed for enrolled SDSU students under the age of 18.