Release of Liability (Waiver)

A Release of Liability (Waiver) is designed to protect the university from legal liability and to inform participants of risks associated with certain activities. To facilitate a consistent application of risk control among CSU campuses, the Release of Liability (Waiver) was developed.  

A waiver may be required for certain on campus activities. Examples of on campus activities that will normally require a waiver include:

  • Physical activity
  • Water activity
  • Inflatables, rides, obstacle courses
  • Animals
  • Body paint, henna tattoos, colored cornstarch
  • Minors (see also Minors in Campus Programs)
  • Non-SDSU participants in high risk activities

For a thorough assessment of risks associated with on campus activities, a Special Event Risk Assessment Form may be completed and submitted to Risk Management.  

When required, signed waivers must be kept on file in the department sponsoring the activity for three years following the activity (if the participant is a minor the waiver must be maintained for three years or until age 20, whichever is longer).