Special Events

Students, faculty, staff and members of the public planning activities or events on campus must follow the Regulations for Use of San Diego State University Buildings and Grounds for use of campus outdoor space and campus facilities.

Evidence of general liability insurance, purchase of Special Event insurance, and/or use of a Release of Liability (Waiver) may be required, as determined by a risk assessment.

Special Event Risk Assessment

University Sponsored, On Campus Events

University departments and students sponsoring events on campus that present a liability exposure to the university may be required to purchase Special Event insurance. Special Event insurance provides short term liability coverage on an as needed basis. Insurance requirements and premiums are determined by the type of activity, type and number of participants, and duration of the event. The below list of activities are typical of events that require special event coverage:

  • event attendees are off campus visitors (or advertised to the general public)
  • event attendees or participants are minors
  • event includes vendors or exhibitors
  • event includes musicians or entertainers
  • event includes rides, mechanical devices, inflatables, or animals
  • event includes alcoholic beverages served

To determine whether or not Special Event insurance and/or Release of Liability (Waiver) are required, event planners should complete a Risk Assessment Form and submit to Risk Management for review.  Please allow 5 days for review and to obtain an insurance cost estimate.

If Special Event insurance is required, event planners will be provided the insurance premium which must be paid in advance of the event at SDSU eCashier.  After payment is made, a Certificate of Insurance will be provided.

If a Release of Liability (Waiver) is required, event organizers will be notified.  

Non-University Sponsored, On Campus Events

Individuals or organizations hosting non-university sponsored events or activities on campus must also comply with insurance requirements. For use of campus facilities, an executed contract and evidence of adequate insurance is required. Special Event insurance is available for purchase if the sponsoring entity does not have adequate coverage. Please contact Risk Management at 619-594-5937 for an estimate or to obtain Special Event insurance.

University Sponsored, Off Campus Events

University departments sponsoring events off campus may be asked to provide evidence of the university's liability insurance.  If an Additional Insured Endorsement is requested, an executed contract between the university and the off campus entity is required. To request a certificate of insurance or for additional information contact Risk Management at 619-594-5937.