Registered Student Organizations Safety Awareness Training

San Diego State University is focused on ensuring that students understand the basic principles of working with hazardous materials and hazardous equipment.  In 2018, SDSU was audited by the Chancellor’s Office at California State University (CSU) and the State of California. The audit identified the need to have all students participating in Registered Student Organizations (RSO), which involve the use of hazardous materials or equipment, to be aware of the hazards and receive appropriate safety training. 

EHS has created an awareness level training for student organizations within BioRAFT/SciSchield. BioRAFT will automatically retain the training records. Any additional training should be documented and maintained by the student organization advisor.


Registered student organizations that are identified by EHS will be added to BioRAFT, the campus software solution for safety management and notified by email. There, the advisor will indicate the hazards, job tasks and members. Addition to BioRAFT will begin the process of initiating training requests. Students will be emailed a notification to complete the training annually once they are listed as a member of the group in BioRAFT.

Additionally, student organizations will need to follow requirements set in the regulations and SDSU policies, such as:

  • Providing and maintaining a Chemical Inventory.
  • Participating in safety walkthroughs and correcting any issues.
  • Following any safety requirements from training, policy or safety directives.


RSO Handbook and Policies

The Center for Student Organizations and Activities