Training for Researchers

Federal, State, and Local regulations require the completion of specific training courses based on the hazards that exist in research spaces and the specific job activities of researchers. For any questions or concerns, contact [email protected].  

All researchers must be listed in a lab in BioRAFT. Training is assigned based on the job activities assigned to the researcher. 

All courses can be found here: BioRAFT Course Directory

Course Name Associated Job Activity Frequency
Biosafety Training Works with Biological Materials Every 3 Years
Bloodborne Pathogens Training Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens or Human
Source Materials
Recombinant DNA Training Works with Recombinant and/or Synthetic
Nucleic Acids
 Every 3 Years
Shipping and Transporting Biological Materials Ships Biological/Infectious Materials Every 2 Years
Course Name Associated Job Activity Frequency
Lab Chemical Safety Training Works around or with Hazardous Materials
in a lab type setting
Every 3 Years
Course Name Associated Job Activity Frequency
Field Research Safety Training
Works in Field Locations
Every 3 Years
General Lab Safety Training Works in Wet Laboratory Spaces Annual
Hazardous Materials and Equipment for
Registered Student Organizations
Is a member of a Registered Student Organization
Course Name Associated Job Activity Frequency
Ladder Safety Works with Ladders and Scaffolding Annual
Power Tool and Workshop Safety Works with common hand tools and/or power
tools; Works with shop equipment
Fire Extinguisher Safety Performs activities that may require the use of a Fire Extinguisher Once, or as requested
Course Name Associated Job Activity Frequency
Laser Safety Training Works with Lasers Every 3 Years
Radiation Safety Training Works with Radioactive Materials Annual
X-Ray Machine User Training Works with X-Ray Producing Devices Annual

The following training courses are currently conducted in-person or via zoom:

            Course Name                             Associated Job Activity Frequency 
Controlled Substances Training Researchers with access to/using controlled substances Once

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