Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What method of payments are accepted at SDSU for Tuition and fees?
  2. How and when do I get my refund?
  3. What is Census?
  4. How can I order transcripts?
  1. What is forbearance?
  2. How do I find out about all of my student loans?
  3. How do I make a payment? What are my options to do so?
  4. If I return to school, can I defer my Perkins Loan?
  1. Who disburses Financial Aid & Scholarships checks?
  2. How do I receive my funds?
  3. When will my funds be available?
  4. What would delay me from receiving my funds?
  1. What is Direct Deposit?
  2. What kind of money is eligible for Direct Deposit?
  3. What are the advantages of choosing Direct Deposit?
  4. How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?