How to Pay Basic Tuition & Fees

If your Financial Aid Fee Deferment Eligibility is “No” (as seen on WebPortal My Registration, and/or AidLink), you must pay your Basic Tuition & Fees in order to register for classes. You will not be allowed to register for classes until after your Basic Tuition & Fees are paid.

Paying online is the fastest and most secure way to pay. To log in to the payment portal select one of the following links:

How to Pay Tuition Online

Dates and figures provided below are for illustrative purposes only. Term dates and tuition rates are subject to change.
1. Select Make a Payment from the menu.
Make a Payment menu item
2. Select the current term from the side menu labeled Category e.g. Fall 2021.
Select term
3. Select your degree/class level from the next menu e.g. Fall 2021 Undergraduate Students.
Choose degree/class level
4. Carefully read the item descriptions and choose the appropriate tuition charge. There is an option for part time (6 or fewer units) and an option for full time (6.1 or more units).
Choose tuition rate based on intended course load
5. Review the item and then Add to Basket.
Add fee to your basket
6. Review your basket and then proceed to Check Out
Review and proceed to check out
7. Select your payment method and then Check Out
Check out with your preferred payment method

Enrolling In An Installment Plan

Unable to pay your tuition and fees in full? Consider enrolling in an Installment Plan as a way to manage your educational expenses. To enroll in an Installment Plan log in to your Online Student Account and:

  1. From the home page scroll down to Installment Plans section
  2. Click the link to enroll in the Installment Plan for the appropriate term, e.g. Fall 2021
  3. Read and accept the eDisclosure
  4. Fill in the contract form fields
  5. Submit payment using electronic check or credit card

After submiting the initital payment you will be authoried to register for classes during your assigned registration period.