Respiratory Program

The purpose of the SDSU Respiratory Protection Program is to establish a procedure for the University and its employees to follow, which will ensure protection against respiratory hazards such as particulates (e.g.- asbestos fibers, wood dust), fumes (e.g. metal welding), vapors (e.g.- painting), and biological agents (e.g.- aerosol transmissible diseases). 

Engineering controls, such as ventilation, are the first line of defense at San Diego State  University; however, engineering controls may not always be feasible for some of our operations, or may not always completely control the identified respiratory hazards. In these situations, respirators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used.

SDSU Respiratory Protection Program

Respiratory Protection Training

N95 Respirator - Voluntary Use Training

Cal/OSHA N95 Use Training Video

N95 Questionnaire (for medical clearance)