Lead is an ingredient in thousands of products widely used throughout industry, including lead-based paints, lead solder, electrical fittings and conduits, tank linings, plumbing fixtures, and many metal alloys. Although many uses of lead have been banned, lead can be present in a wide range of materials including paints and other coatings, lead mortars, and base metals to be welded on or treated with abrasive blasting. The Lead Exposure Management Plan applies to all SDSU employees who may be occupationally exposed to lead or lead compounds, with an emphasis on personnel that are involved in construction or maintenance activities.  The elements of the Lead Exposure Management Plan involve requirements and responsibilities for surveys, training (and certification) of workers, notifications, engineering controls and proper practices for activities involving the removal or encapsulation of lead.  

Lead Exposure Management Plan - General Industry

Lead Exposure Management Plan - Construction

Lead Exposure Fact Sheet

SDSU EH&S Safety Guidelines - Soldering