Hazard Assessment

Each workplace setting and job task presents its own potential physical and/or health hazards that employees must be aware of.  Identifying these hazards, via a Hazard Assessment, will help to ensure that the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is selected when any implemented engineering or administrative (i.e.- work practice) controls do not completely eliminate or isolate the hazard. In addition to PPE, a Hazard Assessment will also help to identify any training that may be needed, as well as other regulatory requirements or safety recommendations. 

To schedule a Hazard Assessment of your work area, job tasks, and/or equipment, contact EH&S (x4-6778 or [email protected]).

SDSU Hazard Assessment Form

Job Hazard Analysis Templates (workshop equipment hazard controls)

Work areas on campus where hazards have been identified (e.g.- Facilities Services workshops, Academic workshops, Auxiliary workshops, etc.) must also be routinely surveyed to ensure continued regulatory (e.g.- Cal/OSHA) compliance.  "Self-inspections" are encouraged and EH&S will also conduct periodic Safety Surveys of these work spaces.  

To schedule a Safety Survey of your work area, contact EH&S (x4-6778 or [email protected]).

Safety Survey Checklist (workshops)

Safety Survey Instructions (workshops)