SDSU Environmental Health and Safety is using BioRAFT, an enterprise software solution for lab safety management. BioRAFT provides researchers with easy access to their lab’s safety information and empowers researchers to have better visibility into their safety and compliance status.

BioRAFT will be used to manage lab spaces, lab members, lab safety documents, and to identify hazards.

Log in with your SDSU ID and Password

If a lab member does not have an SDSU ID, complete the Temporary Account Form to request a temporary account.

Lab Registration

Existing labs are already registered within BioRAFT. Principal investigators (PI’s) logging into BioRAFT for the first time will be prompted to complete the General Lab Set-up Wizard. If your lab is not listed, spaces are incorrect, or you are a new PI, contact [email protected] to get started.

Video Tutorial 

BioRAFT Setup Wizard: Video Tutorial

To watch the video tutorial, sign in using your SDSU email account credentials. You cannot review the tutorial if you are logging in from a non-institutional email account.

Guidance Documents


Lab Member Policy

Q: How often do I have to update my lab hazards or personnel?
A: Lab hazards and personnel must be updated whenever new hazards or personnel are introduced to the lab or at least annually.

Q: What is the ObservNow feature on BioRAFT?
A: ObservNow is a reporting tool to share any potential hazards, near misses, or positive observations to EHS, especially as related to laboratory research. Observations can be reported anonymously if needed. 

Q: I am getting an error when looking for a specific person to add to my lab. What do I do?
A: Try refreshing the page and only searching for the first few characters of the individual's last name. Multiple options should appear.

Q: There are multiple results for a person I am trying to add to my lab, which do I choose?
A: Some individuals have multiple addresses. The one with 4 digits at the end of the handle are student email addresses. We recommend using the email address that the individual is most likely to check.

Q: There are several faculty/staff that use the same space. I cannot assign them as PI's. Who is responsible for their students?
A: Each identified faculty/staff were sent their own invitation and will have their own group (lab). Each PI will add their own students. Spaces can have multiple lab groups assigned to them.