Campus Fee Advisory Committee

Upcoming Fee Referendum

General Information

  • Committee Members
    • (Vice Presidents do not review proposals and are responsible for assigning designees, who then attend and participate as voting members of the Campus Fee Advisory Committee)
  • Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) Functions:

  • Ensuring that campus fees are established or adjusted in accordance with California State Fee Policy Executive Order 1102 (and its successors) and Trustees' Policy
  • Advising the President on establishment and adjustment of Category II and III fees
  • Advising the President on the reasonableness of Category II and III fee proposals - whether targeting new fees or the deletion, adjustment, or reclassification of current fees

 Fee Information

Campus-Based Fees

There will be a student fee referendum to gather student input on whether to expand the Student Success Fee and its benefits to students at the Imperial Valley Campus. The outcome of the election will have no impact on the Student Success Fee currently charged to students at the San Diego campus. For more information, please visit the Student Fee Referendum webpage.