2014 Alternative Consultation: Student Success Fee Proposed

Student Success Fee Proposed

Shall a new mandatory Student Success Fee be established effective Fall 2014? The proposed fee level per semester, if this fee is approved, will be determined through a series of public forums and consultations with interested regularly-enrolled students at San Diego State University, except those exclusively attending Imperial Valley Campus.

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC), comprised of a majority of students, is overseeing the Student Success fee proposal process. CFAC recommended, and President Hirshman approved, the use of the alternative consultation process for this fee.

Alternative consultation was selected because it is the best way to engage our campus community in meaningful dialogue about the Student Success fee. CFAC has scheduled open forums during the three week period of February 3 — February 21, 2014 to explain the proposed fee and answer questions. Students will be asked to provide feedback to CFAC during the open forums by completing a feedback form. There will not be a vote as there is during a fee referendum process. CFAC will review the feedback, engage in committee discussions, and make a recommendation to President Hirshman. President Hirshman is responsible for making the final campus decision which is then presented to the CSU Chancellor who has the final authority to approve the fee.

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