Plaza Linda Verde Project Information

Plaza Linda Verde will create a dynamic gateway between the campus and community with tree-lined streets, student housing, outdoor dining and gathering spaces that will provide an attractive and exciting environment for the community-at-large.

Student Housing
Plaza Linda Verde will include new university-managed on campus housing for up to 1,600 students.  The first phase of the project will provide housing for 600 students, with housing for an additional 1,000 students in the second phase.

This addition of housing will help SDSU achieve its goal to house 10,000 of its students either on campus, or within walking distance of campus in university-affiliated housing or nearby apartment complexes.  

Retail and Parking
Plaza Linda Verde includes street-level retail development to serve both the campus and the surrounding community.  Planned retail uses include a community grocery store (such as Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy or Whole Foods), a national brand restaurant (such as Chili’s, Islands or TGI Fridays) and a mix of other stores.  The first phase will include 45,000 gross square feet of retail, with an additional 45,000 gross square feet provided in the second phase.  On-site customer parking will be provided in a 340-space parking structure.

University-Community Connection
Plaza Linda Verde will serve as a gateway between the university and the community with uses that will serve both neighbors and students.  Attractive pedestrian walkways will provide safe and convenient access for residents to the SDSU Transit Center and the greater SDSU campus.  Bicycle amenities (paths and storage) will be provided to make it convenient for cyclists to take advantage of Plaza Linda Verde and access the campus and the Transit Center. And a public green space will invite residents and students to relax and recreate.

Commitment to Sustainability
In keeping with SDSU’s commitment to sustainability, Plaza Linda Verde will be built utilizing green building guidelines and practices.  Plaza Linda Verde is designed as a pedestrian-, transit- and bicycle-friendly development.  Its location adjacent to the SDSU Transit Center will facilitate transit ridership and create less reliance on automobiles, thereby reducing pollution and traffic congestion.  Because students living on campus generate significantly less traffic that those living off-campus, providing additional student housing will help the university continue to reduce student dependence on their cars.  Plaza Linda Verde will be LEED Silver certified, exceed CA Energy Standards by 15 percent, and will incorporate a number of measures to reduce water use.  SDSU is proud to add Plaza Linda Verde to the growing number of environmentally sustainable projects on campus. 

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