Facilities Information System


The Planning, Design, and Construction department (PDC) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, archiving, distributing, and analyzing facilities information. Efforts include maintaining CAD floor plans, GIS/CAD site plans, space inventories, real estate & property information, building conditions, utilities data models, Master Plan records, and construction drawings & documents.

PDC has also partnered with the Geography Department to collect and host geospatial data for campus staff and consultants.

Available Datasets & Resources:

  • Facilities Information System:
    • Buildings (280 records)
    • Spaces (16,786 records)
    • Instruction
    • Real Estate (Includes easements and leasing information)
    • Utilities
    • Grounds
    • Conditions (7,472 records)
    • Equipment (59,876 assets tracked)
    • Construction Drawings (4,024 plan sets)
    • Documents (111,101 records)
  • Geoportal:
    • 1" Resolution UAS Imagery (2019)
    • Historic Aerial and UAS Imagery
    • Sewer (2008)
    • Steam (2008)
    • Storm Water (2008)
    • TNS (2008)
    • Water (2008)
    • Campus Lighting (2014)
    • Campus Tree Inventory (2014)


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For questions about Facilities Information and associated systems or to schedule a training session for yourself or your department, please contact our FIS Administrator, Kyle W. Smith at 619-594-2701 or [email protected].

To help us improve our facilities data capabilities, please feel free to provide feedback via the Facilities Data Feedback Form