Food Safety Program

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) ensues that San Diego State University eating facilities meet the highest standards when it comes to serving healthy and delicious food to its community.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at SDSU permits and inspects all permanent food establishments, catering services, farmer’s market and special events on campus.  Routine inspections are conducted to ensure food service facilities comply with the California Retail Food Code (CalCode)

The person in charge at each food facility shall be able to demonstrate knowledge of food safety and has a Food Manager Certificate and staff who handle and serve food is required to have the Food Handler Card.

Special events serving foods shall get approval from Aztec Shops Catering, a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permit and food safety training may be required. So please email [email protected] or call 619-594-1858 and leave a name, phone number and your event or EAS number so we can schedule a food safety training.

Events within the department may not require a TFF permit and training if it is considered a private event by EHS.  Farmer’s Market vendors and food trucks vendors are required to fill out the Long Term Temporary Food Facility Permit Application which is an extended version of the TFF permit application

Please fill out the Aztec Shops Catering Waiver/EHS Permit Application and send to [email protected] and [email protected]

EHS reviews plans and specifications of new or existing food facilities prior to new construction, remodel, equipment replacement, new equipment, significant menu changes etc. Construction, remodeling or equipment replacements or additions cannot commence until EHS approval has been received.

Please review the Plan Review Requirement Checklist and contact EH&S before submitting plans

 If you have any questions, concerns or believe that you may have become ill after visiting a food facility on campus, please contact [email protected].  State your name (which can remain anonymous), your contact information and a brief statement regarding the nature of your concerns.

 Contact Environmental Health & Safety at (619)594-1858 for any food safety related questions.