Spring 2022 Alternative Consultation: Proposed Fee

Spring 2022 Alternative Consultation

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC), comprised of a majority of students, is overseeing the Spring 2022 alternative consultation process for a new mandatory (Category II) Accelerating Technology and Sustainability Fee.

The alternative consultation process is used for complex issues that benefit from a presentation outlining the breadth of services provided and the impact on students. More specifically, the President determined that an in-depth alternative consultation process, inclusive of educating and engaging in dialogue with students through offering a series of open forums, and by soliciting student opinion via an open feedback form, will provide the best measure of meaningful, informed student opinion on whether to recommend approval of the proposed fee. Such meaningful, informed student consultation is critical for this proposal given the complex, dynamic student needs and student advocacy in the areas of information technology and sustainability.

CFAC is scheduling open forums beginning in late-February and running through early-March to explain the proposed fee increases, engage in conversation, and answer questions. Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback during the forums by completing a feedback form, which includes selecting an option for the fee and providing written comments if you'd like to share additional perspectives with CFAC. CFAC will review the feedback forms, engage in committee discussions, and make a recommendation to the President as to whether or not the fee should be approved.

CFAC will meet on FRIDAY, MARCH 11th AT 9AM IN MONTEZUMA HALL to make a recommendation to President de la Torre on the Accelerating Technology and Sustainability fee. This meeting is open to SDSU students, faculty and staff. Please bring your SDSUcard as you will need to present it at check-in to attend this meeting. There will be an opportunity for public comment prior to CFAC engaging in committee discussions.

On Friday, March 11, 2022, the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) approved an advisory recommendation to President de la Torre to oppose the proposed new Accelerating Tech & Sustainability fee for implementation in Fall 2022. President de la Torre's decision to support this recommendation was shared with CFAC at its April 8, 2022 meeting and the Accelerating Tech & Sustainability fee will not be implemented.