Chemistry/Geology -- Education & Business Administration Renovations

Cost: $23,338,000
Square Feet: 119,000 GSF
Funding: State Major Capital Outlay
Completion Date: March 2004

Project Contacts

Executive Architect: McGraw Baldwin, Inc.
Design-Build Contractor: Clauss Construction (abatement), & C. E. Wylie Construction (renovation)
Project Manager: Laurie Cooper

Project Description

This project accomplishes tandem renovations of deteriorated facilities, made possible by the completion of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory project.

The Chemistry-Geology building served as the main wet lab center since 1960. Environmental Health and Safety regulations mandated the total abatement of this facility. The renovated space provides lecture, lab space, and faculty and administrative offices for Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science. An added penthouse houses the offices of the College of Sciences Dean. The new facade is in keeping with mission style architecture predominant on campus. The renovation greatly improved HVAC and energy efficiencies. After GMCS was complete, EBA underwent partial renovation to accommodate the College of Education and other campus needs.