Out of State and International Student Fee

The Out of State and International Student Fee was approved to be implemented starting Fall 2023. This fee will only be charged to incoming non-resident students, which includes students from outside of California, and international students. Non-resident graduate students serving as Teaching Associates (TAs) and non-resident doctoral students will not be charged the fee. Exemptions for Teaching Associates are subject to obtaining proper authority following CSU established policy/procedures. 

Effective Fall 2024 through Summer 2026, SDSU will waive the SDSU Out-of-State and International Student fee (Category II), established in Fall 2023, for individual students who are enrolled in a San Diego State University graduate program who are classified or conditionally classified as graduate students and who are employed by San Diego State University as Teaching Associates (Class Code 2353 or 2354). SDSU may extend the duration of this waiver on an annual (i.e., academic year) basis. SDSU will provide UAW notice of such an extension at least 120 days prior to the start of the relevant academic year.

Spring 2023 Alternative Consultation: Proposed Out of State and International Student Fee

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC), comprised of a majority of students, is overseeing the Spring 2023 alternative consultation process for the creation of a Out of State and International Student Fee. The alternative consultation process is used for complex issues that benefit from a presentation outlining the breadth of services provided and the impact on students. More specifically, CFAC determined that open forum presentations would be the best way to engage our campus community in meaningful dialogue about the proposed fee increases.

CFAC is scheduling open forums beginning in mid-February and running through early-March to explain the proposed fee increases, engage in conversation, and answer questions. Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback during the forums by completing a feedback form, which includes an option to provide written comments if you'd like to share additional perspectives with CFAC. CFAC will review the feedback forms, engage in committee discussions, and make a recommendation to the President as to whether or not the fee should be approved.

CFAC will meet on Monday, March 13th at 3:30pm in Council Chambers (Student Union 3rd Floor) to make recommendation to President de la Torre on the proposed fee. This meeting is open to SDSU students, faculty and staff. Please bring your SDSUcard as you will need to present it at check-in to attend this meeting. There will be an opportunity for public comment prior to CFAC engaging in committee discussions.

To view the complete information pamphlet for the fee, please click on the links below:

Fee Information Pamphlet

Alternative Consultation Results

CFAC Recommendation

President's Recommendation

Chancellor's Approval

Alternative Consultation Information Session Dates


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