Safety Reporting

Building Safety Coordinators

 Building Safety Coordinators are an integral part of the campus emergency response plan.  They help first responders during emergency incidents by coordinating the evacuation of campus buildings and advise building occupants when it is safe to return to their building. They also coordinate building or department training throughout the year.

Each Building Safety Coordinator recieves regular training throughout the year and they coordinator building-specific training.  Each coordinator is equipped with an emergency vest, flags and a hard hat for use during emergencies and building evacuations.  Click here to learn more about the program.

Campus Closure

A campus closure occurs when the regular acadmic operations of the campus cease, but the campus remains open for business operations.  Generally, this means that classes are cancelled and students do not need to report to their classes, but staff members will report to work as normal.

Campus Evacuation

In rare instances, if there is an immediate threat to the campus or emergency that makes remaining on campus hazardous, all community members will be instructed to leave campus.  Special consideration may be given for students living on-campus who may be unable to evacuate.

Shelter In Place

A Shelter-In-Place order may be given when there is an environmental condition that poses a hazard to the campus community.  This may include dangerous weather, chemical hazards, gas leaks or other utility failures.


Lockdown means that a building or buildings are locked and no one is permitted to leave or enter.  Because of the open nature of the SDSU campus, a lockdown would be specific to individual buildings.  Typically, a lockdown notification will contain "plain English" instructions on what to do.

Essential Personnel

Essential personnel are those employees that have been identified by their supervisor(s) as being critical to operation of a department of division.  Essential personnel may be required to report to work or remain at work even if a campus closure is declared.  Not all employees are classified as essential personnel, and if you are uncertain if you are classified as essential personnel contact your supervisor.