Hepner Hall

Drone Information & Registry

SDSU is aware of and supportive of the growing use of drones for research, recreation and commercial applications.  As such, the university is working to develop policies that will allow for the safe operation of drones on campus and campus-owned properties.

The use of drones, or small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAS), on the SDSU campus is regulated by Section 29.0 of the Buildings and Grounds Policy.  Currently, all use of drones on campus is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Emergency Preparedness Manager or the SDSU Police Department.

All approved use of drones must also be in compliance with current FAA regulations (COA, 333 Exemption, Rule 107).  


Currently there are two designated locations for recreational flights on campus.  They are the Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Field (ENS 100) and the new Recreation Field located just North of P12.

 Use of this field is only authorized during times when the field is not in use for official recreation activities.  Check the schedule of events here or visit https://arc.sdsu.edu/recfield/.

Requests to fly in areas other than specific above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please forward requests to Kayli Singer [email protected]

The CSU has now included drones as part of the "automatic" insurance coverage for campuses or auxiliaries using drones for non-commercial purposes.  For more information about drone insurance contact campus Risk Management.