Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)

UPDATED 1/12/2018

2007 Campus Master Plan Revision and 2018 DAA

In 2007, the CSU Board of Trustees approved the SDSU 2007 Campus Master Plan (CMP), which authorized:

  • an enrollment increase of 10,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) students over the next 15-20 years from 25,000 to 35,000; and,
  • the near-term and future development of six project components including Adobe Falls Faculty/Staff Housing, Alvarado Campus, Alvarado Hotel, Campus Conference Center, Student Housing and the Student Union/Aztec Center Expansion and Renovation.

Following the Trustees’ approval, the City of San Diego, SANDAG/MTS, and the Del Cerro Action Council each filed a lawsuit challenging the 2007 CMP EIR.

The lawsuits raised multiple issues, and the litigation proceeded from Superior Court, to the Court of Appeal, to the California Supreme Court.  Ultimately, the courts dismissed most of the claims, finding that the EIR was adequate in most respects, with the following three limited exceptions:

  1. Contingent Mitigation Payment Inadequate. The courts found that the EIR’s traffic mitigation measures, which required payments to the City of San Diego for certain road improvements, were inadequate.  The reason they were found inadequate was because the payment of monies to the City was made contingent upon Legislative appropriation; that is, CSU/SDSU was only required to pay the money if the Legislature specifically appropriated the funds;
  2. Transit Analysis Inadequate.  The courts found that the EIR’s analysis of transit-related impacts was inadequate, that the EIR did not properly analyze the potential impacts the additional 10,000 students would have on the bus and trolley system; and
  3. Transportation Demand Management Mitigation Inadequate. Lastly, the courts found that the EIR’s mitigation measure requiring SDSU to prepare a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan was inadequate because it improperly deferred preparation of the plan.

The Draft Additional Analysis (DAA) (January 2018) “fixes” those portions of the 2007 EIR found inadequate by the courts.  It includes revised traffic mitigation measures that require SDSU to implement recommended road improvements, where applicable.  The DAA also includes a quantitative analysis of the project’s impacts on the trolley and bus system, and a mitigation measure requiring that SDSU implement a TDM program that includes a TDM coordinator, increased rideshare opportunities, facilities to increase bicycle and pedestrian travel, and incentives to ride transit.

Please see the Notice of Availability (NOA) for additional information regarding the DAA and the corresponding public review period.

The following are links to the DAA, along with all appendices, and the 2007 Master Plan Revision Final EIR:

SDSU 2007 Campus Master Plan Final EIR (2007)

2007 Campus Master Plan Revision Final EIR

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