Aztec Parking Portal

Parking Symbol

You can purchase permits, pay citations, appeal citations and manage your parking account all on the Aztec Parking Portal (See links above).  Please make sure you have your vehicle information prior to purchasing a permit as it will be required the first time you register in the portal. 

If you have any outstanding citations associated to your vehicle in the Aztec Parking Portal you will not be able to purchase a permit until all citations have been paid.

1. What is required to purchase a online permit? - Credit card, access to a printer and your vehicle information.

2. What type of permit can I purchase? - You can purchase a daily, weekly, monthly and semester permit online.  Semester permits will be mailed to you, all other permits must be printed at the time of purchase.

3. Can I purchase more than one permit online? - No, you may only purchase one permit at a time until the previous permit expires.

4. What do I do if my permit is lost or stolen? - Please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 619-594-6671.

1. Can I use the parking portal to obtain a payroll deduction permit? - No, you must obtain  your payroll deduction permit in person at Parking & Transportation Services.

2. Do I have to register my vehicle in the portal if I already have a payroll deduction? - No, but we recommend you do to link your permit to your vehicle in case you forget your permit, you can receive a warning in lieu of a citation.

If your question is not listed please read Student FAQs above.