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Parking and Transportation Services endeavors to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect in a manner that ensures an environmentally responsible approach to equitable access to those who live, study, work, and visit San Diego State University.

We are dedicated to our diverse workforce in creating continual and equal opportunity through our university partnerships. We are committed to the enrichment of our employees in providing access to unique, creative, and empowering training opportunities and mentorship that serve both the individual, team, and community in respect and in honor of the goals and objectives set forth by San Diego State University.

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Special Events Parking Closures





Special Event Parking Closures

When the students voted on the referendum for the arena to be built, P12 was part of the project.   There was a lawsuit over the building of the arena, but not the parking structure, so the parking structure was built prior to the arena being built. Instead of having the structure sit empty, we opened it to the campus community. When the arena was finally built, instead of taking over the structure it was decided to let the campus continue to park in the structure unless it was an event day.

When we had an event we would require everyone parking in the structure to move to make room for the patrons. This certainly was not ideal. When P7 was built it was decided to utilize this structure in addition to P12. The reason behind this was so we did not have to ask people to move out of the structure the day of the event. Rather, those already parked in either structure could remain parked for the day of the event.  There is never a shortage of parking by asking our community to park east of campus when we close down the structures. Additionally, when we relocate students away from their residence halls, classes or vehicles, we do have the Red & Black shuttle operating to provide transport back to where they need to be after dark. We do not close the structures on days that the shuttle is not running.  

The structure was built for the arena and the priority for parking on event days will continue to be for the patrons. We hoped to leverage inconvenience by bringing P7 in the mix so those living around these structures are not required to move on days of events.

Viejas Arena events can be located here. We only close our structures during major event dates 5k or more are expected in attendance Monday through Thursday during the semesters. We do place notification of closure A-Frames at all entrances to both P7 and P12 at a minimum of 3 days in advance to provide notification to drivers.