How to get a Card

To receive your SDSUcard, you will need your Red ID number and an acceptable form of ID.

Check out our visual guide to pre-paying for your SDSUcard online and uploading a photo.

About your Red ID number

SDSUcard is the name of the physical ID card itself and of the department that issues the card. "Red ID number" refers to the number on the SDSUcard that serves as your primary source of identification for all transactions at SDSU.

Look up your Red ID.

Acceptable forms of ID when getting your SDSUcard

  • All U.S. States "Driver's License"
  • Temporary driver's license paperwork from DMV with grey-scale photo
  • All U.S. States "State ID"
  • U.S. Passport
  • Foreign Passport with U.S. Visa
  • Department of Treasury ID
  • Department of Homeland Security ID
  • Department of Justice ID
  • Office of the District Attorney ID
  • US Law Enforcement ID
  • Registered students only: Print-out from Registrars "Verification of Enrollment" (With Registrar seal and signed by Registrar)
  • Incoming students only: Office of Admissions "Verification of Enrollment" (With Admissions stamp and signed by staff)

You're ready to get your SDSUcard

SDSU Students

  1. Obtain a Red ID number when you apply to the university.
  2. Pay for the ID card fee either online or in person.
    • Pay in person at Student Account Services. (Student Services West, room 2536)
    • Pay online:
      • Under Online Services, click Online Student Account Services.
      • Log in with your SDSU WebPortal account credentials.
      • At the top, click Make Payment.
      • From the list of options, choose any available semester.
      • Now select either $18 for your first card or $20 for a replacement.
      • Click Add to Basket, then Checkout.
      • Enter appropriate payment information and proceed to checkout.
  3. Provide a photo either online or in person.
    • Visit our office to take your photo, and your card will be ready during your visit.
    • Upload a photo of your choosing online using the GET program, accessible either by mobile app or online at
      • Register for an account if you don't already have one.
      • Allow 1-2 days for processing after your photo has been accepted.
      • Incoming students can pick up their card during New Student Orientation.
  4. Visit the SDSUcard office to pick up your new SDSUcard (Student Services West, room 2620).
    • Bring an acceptable form of ID when you visit our office.

SDSU Faculty and Staff

  1. Obtain a Red ID number when you become an employee (your department will assist you).
  2. Bring the Employment Access Authorization Form (from your department, if Faculty; from Human Resources, if Staff) and an acceptable form of ID.
    • Teaching Associates can have their SDSUcard modified to reflect their status by sending us their completed Statement of Terms and Conditions.
  3. We'll take your photo, and in about 2 minutes your card will be ready.

SDSU Retired Faculty and Staff

(including Emeritus Faculty and Retirees with 20+ years of service)

  1. Bring the Employment Access Authorization Form from Human Resources and an acceptable form of ID. We do not accept letters from your department.
  2. We'll take your photo, and in about 2 minutes your card will be ready.

Extended Studies

  1. Register for classes then pay for your ID card fee at the Extended Studies Cashier's office. You will receive a sticker for the semester in which you are registered.
  2. Bring your ID payment receipt and an acceptable form of ID.
  3. We'll take your photo, and in about 2 minutes your card will be ready.

American Language Institute Students

  1. Register for classes.
  2. Bring the temporary ID card (3 x 5 white card) provided to you by the ALI office.
  3. Bring your Foreign Passport with current US Visa or any of the acceptable forms of ID from above.
  4. Register for classes.

Auxiliary Staff (Associated Students, Aztec Shops, SDSU Foundation)

  1. Bring an acceptable form of ID and the signed ID card memorandum from your respective Human Resources.
  2. We'll take your photo, and in about 2 minutes your card will be ready. (Note that cards issued to temporary personnel will be stamped with the expiration date of the position.)

Special Student programs and Groups

  • Members of these groups (for instance, Defense Conversion) who need an SDSUcard should check with their group office, as requirements are determined by each group.
  • Your department will arrange for you to receive a card; contact your department's administrative assistant.

Guest Cards

  • Guest cards are for use by members of the general public.
    • These cards are used primarily for library copying and printing.
    • They are valid for one year and are non-refundable if lost.
    • Any remaining funds balance is non-refundable.
    • When your guest card expires, you may purchase another.
    • Value Port III (VPIII) machines allow you to purchase a guest card or add funds to an existing card. VPIII machines are located in:
      • 1st floor of Library Addition, next to Research Services (formerly the Reference Area)
      • 2nd floor of Library Addition in the 24/7 Area (formerly the RBR)
      • 2nd floor of Love Library in the Library Computing Hub (formerly the Student Computing Center)