Vendor Opportunities

Prequalification for Consultants and Contractors

Campus development and maintenance projects create work opportunities for design and consulting professionals as well as general and specialty contractors. New construction and major renovations are implemented under the major and minor capital outlay programs administered by Planning, Design and Construction.

SDSU Planning, Design and Construction has CSU-delegated authority to manage major and minor capital outlay projects including major renovations. The distinction between major and minor projects is based on total project cost: major projects cost $600,000 or more, minor projects cost less than $600,000; each having different prequalification and bidding methods.


  • A&E Prequalification for major capital project design is conducted during November-March by CSU-CPDC for July eligibility of that year through June of the following year. For more information, call 562-951-4129 or see, Architectural Prequalification.
  • Contractor prequalification for major capital projects ($600,000 and more) is handled by CSU-CPDC and may occur any time 10 business days prior to bid. For more information, call 562-951-4114 or see the Contracting Opportunity section.
  • Annual prequalifications for design specialists and other professional consulting services are conducted through Planning, Design and Construction. For more information, call 619-594-5224 or see Prequalification Forms. See also, Contract & Procurement Management, Supplier Payment Data Record (“PDR” STD. 204).
  • Qualification for contractors and service providers for minor projects (less than $600,000) is handled by Contract & Procurement Management. SDSU Facilities Services is responsible for most maintenance projects including utilities, building repairs and minor self-funded remodels. Contracts for these projects are managed through Contract & Procurement Management. SDSU promotes small business and DVBE ventures.
  • Vendors seeking qualification at SDSU, should contact Contract & Procurement Management, and submit a Supplier Payment Data Record (“PDR” STD. 204).
  • CSU system wide prequalification, submit a Vendor Registration Form. For more information, see Vendor Information.


A&E Project Design Professional selection follows CSU prescribed evaluation criteria and experience-based fit of the firm to the project and this campus. In cases where a design specialty is required, the campus may issue a Request For Qualification defining the specific project parameters. For Design/Build projects, the campus may issue a Request For Proposal to qualified teams. SDSU typically advertises in the San Diego Daily Transcript, the San Diego Union Tribune and other trade publications.

Construction contract bids are solicited through public advertisement. Bid prospects may be anticipated by reviewing the CSU Major Capital Outlay Program that lists capital project funding requests for coming years (see Staff Directory). Planned and funded local projects also appear on this Web site under Construction Project Summaries.

Campus Auxiliaries

SDSU Research Foundation is a campus auxiliary responsible for property acquisition and development of university grant and off-campus contract space and other campus building infrastructure. SDSU Research Foundation is also responsible for the College Community Redevelopment Project in cooperation with the College Area Community and the City of San Diego. Qualifications, procedures and contract services relating to Foundation projects are managed through the Foundation’s Office of Facilities Management.

Aztec Shops and Associated Students undertake self-funded or donor-funded projects. These are planned, designed and managed cooperatively through Planning, Design and Construction.

Other Job Opportunities

See the campus job postings for additional career opportunities.