Facilities Data Management


The Planning, Design, and Construction department (PDC) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, archiving, distributing, and analyzing facilities data.  Efforts include maintaining CAD floor plans, GIS/CAD site plans, Building Information Models (BIM), space inventories, real estate information,  building conditions, utilities, Master Plan records, and construction drawings & documents.

PDC has also partnered with the Geography Department to collect and host geospatial data for campus staff and consultants.  For access to the SDSU Geoportal, please contact Dave McKinsey.

Available Datasets & Resources:

  • Facilities Information System:
    • Buildings (280 records)
    • Spaces (16,786 records)
    • Instruction 
    • Real Estate (Includes easements and leasing information)
    • Utilities 
    • Grounds
    • Conditions (7,472 records)
    • Equipment (59,876 assets tracked)
    • Construction Drawings (4,024 plan sets)
    • Documents (111,101 records)
  • Geoportal:
    • 1" Resolution UAS Imagery (2018)
    • Historic Aerial and UAS Imagery
    • Sewer (2008)
    • Steam (2008)
    • Storm Water (2008)
    • TNS (2008)
    • Water (2008)
    • Campus Lighting (2014)
    • Campus Tree Inventory (2014)




Facilities Information System (FIS): 

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For questions about Facilities Data and associated systems or to schedule a training session for yourself or your department, please contact our FIS Administrator, Kyle W. Smith at 619-594-2701 or [email protected].


To help us improve our facilities data capabilities, please feel free to provide feedback via the Facilities Data Feedback Form