Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people, their work, and their physical work environment. The major goal of ergonomics is to optimize the work procedures and practices and the work environment to allow employees to perform at higher levels of efficiency while still maintaining their physical and mental well being.

The written program is available for inspection on our internal site, as well as additional resources like the Workstation Self Evaluation and Equipment and Accessory descriptions.  A physical copy can be requested through the department office.

Ergonomic Equipment and Accessories

The following list includes but is not limited to ergonomic equipment and accessories that can be used for computer workstations.


Appropriate Use

Articulating Keyboard Tray

When desktop is too high for appropriate keyboard and/or mouse placement or when more distance from monitor is needed.

Monitor Riser(s) or Arm

When monitor needs to be raised.


When feet are not comfortably planted flat on floor and it is inconvenient to adjust seat height.

Document Holder

When working from reference documents.

Slant Board

When performing large levels of document review or writing.

Glare Filter

When overhead lighting causes glare onto the screen.

Wrist Rest

To provide a soft surface to rest hands while NOT keyboarding.

Seatback Cushion

When everything on your existing chair is fine except the back support.

Telephone Headset
When frequently talking on the telephone while typing and writing and using speakerphone is not a feasible option.