Inspect is a Risk and Safety Solutions application that will consolidate laboratory and shop inspections and notify Responsible Parties of any compliance issues.  Inspect allows responsible persons and inspectors to communicate on one platform.  

How does Inspect work?

An inspection will be conducted by a member of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety and entered into the Inspect program.  The Responsible Person, identified in the Assessment program, will receive an email notification that an inspection has been completed.  In the Inspect module, the inspection results are able to be viewed for both compliance and non-compliance items.  Photos, descriptions and action items may be attached to each item and the Responsible Person or Delegate can submit comments and resolve findings in the system.  

Items will be marked in the following ways:

Compliant - The inspector found the lab to be in compliance with this item.

N/A (Not Applicable) - The item was not applicable to your lab during the inspection.

N/O (Not Observed) - The inspector did not observe this item during the inspection.

Corrected on Site - The item was corrected on site during the inspection and observed by the inspector.

Not Compliant - This means that there is a non-compliance item that needs to be corrected.  The notification may have notes and/or a picture with it to further describe the issue.  There is also an Action Plan, which describes the corrective action to be completed by the given due date.  

What happens if I have an item out of compliance?

Each non-compliance item requires a response.  Responses to non-compliance items can be marked as Resolved, In Progress, or No Further Action Needed in the time frame listed on the issue.  You can also start a discussion with the inspector about the item, if you have concerns or need clarification.  The inspector who issued the non-compliance item will be identified on the inspection report.  A history of each inspection is available, in order to see previous inspection results and verify how non-compliant issues were previously resolved. 

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