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Environmental Health and Safety can be contacted by calling 619-594-6778 during business hours or by email: [email protected]


Q: I cannot find my location? 

A:  Please send an email to [email protected]. Include the locations to add and your group name.  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will add the location to your group once the location has been created in the system.  

Q: I am not the owner of the area/course that I need to complete an Assessment for.  How do I change ownership?

A: Contact EHS and let us know who the owner needs to be.  You may need to notify the currently assigned owner to discuss who will do the assessment.


Q: I need more details to answer this question?

A: Click on the (i) logo next to question.  If you still have questions, contact the EHS office.

Q: I completed the Assessment, what do I do with the information?

A: An email will automatically be generated and sent to your group members. Group members will be responsible for reviewing and acknowledging the assessment. The Responsible Person should be available to answer any questions that personnel may have regarding the hazards in the lab. The Responsible Personnel must also ensure Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed is available for group personnel.  

Q: I received an email asking me to acknowledge an an assessment, what do I do? 

A: Click the link and review each section (Hazards, PPE, Engineering Controls, Etc.).  Expand each item by using the carrot on the right hand side or expand all link.  Ensure that the proper PPE and Engineering Controls are being used when using the corresponding hazard.  Make sure that PPE requirements for adjacent personnel is met by lab members who are in the lab while others are performing hazardous tasks.

Q: Is this a training?

A: No.  This is an assessment of the hazards in your area.  Training needs will be based on your assessment and will be completed through another program.  If you have any questions about training, contact EHS.

Q: Is this required?

A:  Yes.  This is a CSU system wide program implemented by the CSU Chancellor's Office.  

Q: I do not have hazards in my lab.  Do I still need to complete the assessment?

A: Yes.  You need to go through all the hazard categories and certify that no hazards exist in your area.  Please review each category (physical, chemical, biological, etc.) before certifying that you have no hazards.  

Q: The Assessment is suggesting that I need PPE/Engineering Controls/Administrative Controls that seem excessive.  How should I respond?

A:  The Assessment is showing you the PPE/Engineering Control/Administrative Control for each hazard that you identified.  When performing that operation or working with that material you should be observing the PPE, Engineering Controls and Administrative Controls that are required (identified as Minimum in the assessment) and any of the recommended items as appropriate.  Contact EHS if you have any specific questions about these items. 

Q: The Assessment is saying I need odd types of PPE (Knee pads, hearing protection, face shields, etc.).  Why do I need these?

A: The Assessment program can show you the reasoning behind a PPE requirement or recommendation by expanding the item using the carrot on the right.  If you have further questions about why these are recommended or required, contact EHS.

Q: Do I need to create an Assessment for each instructional lab?  

A: Each course should have its own Assessment completed.  


Q: I received an email from [email protected].  Is it safe?  

A: Yes.  This is the email that the Inspect program sends its notifications from.  This means that your inspector has completed an inspection.  If you do not feel comfortable clicking on the link in the email, feel free to go into the program from this link below, going into the Inspect module and searching for your inspection report.

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