Chemicals is a cloud-based chemical inventory management tool developed with a researcher-centric approach. It allows easy tracking and maintenance of containers using a barcoding system. Chemical and safety information, such as hazard codes and first aid, are auto populated. The application enables users to create chemical networks to easily share chemicals while controlling access. Chemicals includes a complementary web application that works in sync with the mobile app and has additional features such as structure search and import/export capabilities.

Features of Chemicals include:

●Search chemicals by substructure

●Allow specified inventory to be shared within your own lab, peer labs and your entire institute (manage inventory privacy settings)

●Add “tags” to classify content in multiple ways

●Create custom chemical names

●Create and add novel compounds

●Automatic barcoding reconciliation process

●Integrates with your online ordering system

●Includes an advanced inventory search based on name, CAS, product number, or substructure

●Provides centralized support; Risk & Safety Solutions Service Desk supports the application

●Import and Export capabilities

If you have questions about Chemicals and its implementation, please contact EHS by email at [email protected].


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