Controlled Substances

San Diego State University maintains a current DEA Registration certificate to possess, use and store controlled substances for research. The use of DEA List I and II Chemicals and CA Precursor Chemicals are also within the scope of the SDSU DEA Registration. To apply for use authorization, make a  purchase, etc., submit and complete the appropriate forms below. To schedule training, report diversion, loss or theft, or for questions, contact Lilly Sabet, Controlled Substance Program Coordinator at [email protected] or (619) 594-8341. Refer to the Use of Controlled Substances in Research at San Diego State University for more information.

The SDSU DEA Registration is limited to Schedules II to V only. To use Schedule I drugs, apply for authorization and submit research protocol to the Drug Enforcement Agency and the CA Research Advisory Panel. The SDSU DEA Registration limits the purchase of DEA List I/II Chemicals or CA Precursor Chemicals within in-state suppliers. Contact Lilly Sabet, Controlled Substance Program Coordinator for more information or questions.

·        DEA Controlled Substance Schedules 

·        CA Precursor Chemicals 

A Principal Investigator who needs to use Schedule II-V Controlled Substances must submit to EHS a Controlled Substance Use Authorization Application for review and approval. It is essential that the justification of use have been reviewed and approved by the respective institutional research committees or departmental chair prior to submitting the Use Authorization Application.  EHS will assess the proposed secured storage and must be approved and in place prior to possessing the controlled substance.

            A Controlled Substance Amendment Use Authorization must be submitted to EHS for review and approval for changes in controlled substances, use, storage, and personnel.

            Per DEA, a Screening Sheet must be completed by all individuals handling controlled substances. Submit the following Screening Sheet with the Use Authorization Application or Amendment Use Authorization Application when adding new personnel: Principal Investigator Screening Sheet ; Personnel Screening Sheet.

            All individuals handling controlled substances must complete a one hour training prior to accessing and handling controlled substances.  Schedule training with the Controlled Substance Program Coordinator held in Hardy Tower 38. 

A Precursor/List Chemical Use Authorization Application and Precursor/List Chemical Amendment Use Authorization Application must be submitted for review and approval for using federal List Chemicals or state Precursor Chemicals.

 A Principal Investigator who needs to purchase Schedule II-V Controlled Substances must submit to EHS an EHS Purchase Request Form for review and approval. It is essential that the SDSU or Research Foundation Purchase Requisition From is also submitted to the corresponding purchasing office. The purchasing office will not process the purchase order without an approval from EHS.  Controlled Substance purchase cannot be made with a PCC card. The vendor/supplier must be registered with the DEA as a distributor.  Pharmaceutical or veterinary grade anesthetics and analgesics must be purchased and used in animal research. To ensure delivery to the address indicated on the DEA license,  include express delivery in the purchase requisition. Upon delivery, EHS will transfer custody of the controlled substance only to personnel authorized by the Principal Investigator. 
Use the appropriate Controlled Substance Dispense Record Form to log the date and amount dispensed and remaining balance in possession: Stock Controlled Substance Dispense Record ; Dilute Controlled Substance Dispense Record. It is imperative that these Dispense Records (log sheets) are completed accurately and legibly. This is a legal document that must be accessible and made available for inspection by DEA Investigators/ Auditors and EHS Controlled Substance Coordinator.  Submit all Dispense Records that had been zeroed out or whose balance had been surrendered to EHS. 
Complete the Controlled Substance Inventory Form when directed by EHS to account all controlled substances currently in custody or possession.
Complete the Controlled Substance Surrender Form  when surrendering expired, unwanted or unused controlled substances.  All controlled substances must be surrendered to EHS prior to lab close-out.
View the Controlled Substance Inspection Form to have a general sense of what are being assessed when handling, logging, and storing controlled substances.