Food Protection

The CA Food Code provides a system of prevention and safeguards designed to minimize foodborne illness, ensure employee health and foodservice manager knowledge, ensure safe food, specify nontoxic and cleanable equipment, and delineate acceptable levels of sanitation of food facility premises.  The SDSU Environmental Heatlh and Safety Dept. (EHS) and all food service operators on campus share the responsibility for ensuring that food provided to the consumer is safe, unadulterated, prepared in a clean environment and honestly presented.

Specific areas of EHS code enforcement include:

Permit: Any student organization, campus department or outside entity that plans on serving or selling food to the general public at special events on SDSU must obtain a Temporary Food Facility permit. Office potlucks, organizational meetings, and invitation only events are excluded from obtaining these permits since foodservice at these events are considered private. Due to the nature and challenges of temporary food facilities, inherent risk is increased; therefore, there are different requirements and regulations for this type of food facilities. To ensure the safety of the campus community, review and complete the required Temporary Food Facility  Permit Application(s).

For student organization and department: 

For Farmer's Market vendors: Temporary Food Facility Permit Application


Submit the application form to [email protected]. For questions, contact (619) 594-1858 or [email protected].

Training: Each temporary food facility it required to designate a person-in-charge (PIC). The PIC must be present onsite throughout the duration of the event.  Each PIC must attend a food safety training provided by EHS.  This is a mandatory training for PICs even if PICs or its members have a current Food Handler Card from San Diego County.  All food handlers at the event must be trained by the PIC to properly handle and dispense food.  Register to one of the training sessions offered below:

Organizers of large events with multiple food vendors can schedule a separate food handling and permitting training with EHS.  Contact (619) 594-1858 or [email protected] to schedule the food safety training.

EHS reviews plans and specifications of new or existing food facilities prior to new construction, remodel, equipment replacement, new equipment, significant menu changes etc. Construction, remodeling or equipment replacements/additions can not commence until EHS approval has been received. Before submitting plans and specs, review the SDSU Plan Review Guidelines . Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Contact (619) 594-1858 or [email protected] for more information.

SDSU permits and inspects all of its permanent food facilities on a regular basis to ensure they maintain the highest standards of safe food handling and cleanliness. At a minimum, all facilities must comply with the California Retail Food Code (CalCode). Inspection reports are available for public review at each of our food facilities and EHS office.

SDSU coordinates with San Diego County to investigate foodborne illness complaints. The investigations may include employee interviews, food facility inspections, sampling, customer follow ups etc. If you suspect you have gotten sick from eating at a food facility on the SDSU campus, contact Anh Tran at (619) 594-1858 or [email protected]