Faculty Search Tips

The following search tips have been used and have attracted richly talented and diverse pools of applicants, as well as stellar and diverse hires. Please encourage your search committees to adopt at least some of these successful practices.

Diversity Starts With the Search Committee

Bring as many points of view and differences of perspective onto the committee to keep process fresh. Make sure newer faculty is included in the discussions as they may be the age-cohorts of many of the newer candidates.

Ask the Whole Department to Reach Out and Actively Recruit

Have every committee or department member commit to making at least three phone calls to their personal contacts in the field. Provide members with the ad, the strategic plan or other information about the department, Web address and information they can use to help recruit. No promises can be made, but when you reach out for the best talent, you will find it comes in both genders and a multitude of ethnicities and cultures.

Emphasize the Positive While Remaining Candid

Emphasize the nature of the opportunities and challenges in the position being advertised. Don’t underestimate people’s desire to “make their mark” and be open to a department that will let their energy, skills and ambition take them as far as they can go.

Take Into Account the Human Being That is Also Your Candidate

Allow your interview process to be flexible enough to match the person; some people are morning people, some night people. Provide some “give” in the schedule, or a trip to a special place that an individual is interested in. While the process needs to be consistent, it does not have to be lock step.

Let Your New Faculty Give Candidates the Scoop on What the Department Really Delivers and How Supportive It Is

Bring your new faculty into the process and let them provide candidates with a fresher perspective of their own recent hire.