Search Planning, Authorization and Accountability for Faculty Searches

  1. Departments must develop clear options and coherent plans for the growth and change of their discipline and majors; this would be done in dialogue with the Provost and in light of student needs and the SDSU Shared Vision.
  2. Rational hiring plans are developed to assess what skills needs will occur with retirements. Hiring priorities should be established so that each hiring opportunity is structured to advance academic program goals and responds to student needs.
  3. A request for a position must be justified in writing, linked to department plans and articulated priorities. This is submitted by the Dean to the Provost for authorization of position.
  4. Ad approval and accompanying documentation are forwarded to the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance (ERC) to review advertising copy prior to publication.
  5. No action on the hire can commence prior to review of advertisements and formulation of search plans with ERC.
  6. Search decisions are documented at each stage:
    • Authorization
    • Advertisement and plan
    • Candidate pools
    • Final recommendation
  7. Demographic data and PhD availability, specifics of ads, plan modification, search procedures and data collection will be discussed in first committee meeting. ERC will provide guidance to all search chairs as needed upon request.
  8. University search documentation is maintained in ERC, as well as all updates of the record.
  9. Only upon certification of candidate pool by ERC can interview scheduling commence. Certification by ERC is based on review of written evidence of:
    • Standardized criteria
    • Justification for interview of candidates
    • Reasons for rejection of applicants
  10. Certification of a search pool by ERC means:
    • The search has followed all appropriate procedures
    • There is clear documentation of search decisions
    • There is evidence that recommended candidates meet the established criteria
    • The university commitment to diversity has been addressed
  11. Under exceptional circumstances to be documented by the department and Dean, the Provost may permit additional hires to be made from the same certified pool.
  12. All changes in position authorization, planning, candidate pools or recommendations must be documented and included in the university search file.