Persons with Disabilities

This policy shall apply to all university employees except those represented by the Academic Professionals of California (Unit 4).

1.0 San Diego State University (a) shall provide an environment where faculty, staff and administrators respect disabled persons, (b) shall conform to federal and state legislation that provides equal access to all persons, and (c) shall promote and support full access to its telecommunication and information technology.

1.1 The University shall implement the Americans with Disabilities Act; the Rehabilitation Act, sec. 504; California Government Code, secs. 12926, 12940, 12955.3, 12926.1, and 19231; and California Civil Code, secs. 51, 51.5, and 54.

1.2 The University shall not discriminate against a qualified person due to a disability in employment application procedures, the hiring process, advancement or promotion, discharge, compensation, job training, or other employment terms, conditions, or privileges. Qualified applicants and employees with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation for their disability to participate in hiring and employment.

1.3 The University shall provide disabled persons access to and participation in the University’s programs, services, and activities, and it shall inform them of this policy.

1.4 Responsibilities

1.41 The University (a) shall provide reasonable accommodations when requested regarding the known disabilities of job applicants and employees and (b) shall provide reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental disabilities of job applicants and employees when requested by them or by someone authorized in writing by the applicant or employee, unless to do so would impose undue hardship on the University. The University shall ensure that its programs, services, and activities are accessible to the general public, including disabled persons.

1.42 Disabled job applicants shall request accommodation from the Center for Human Resources. Disabled employees shall request accommodation through their departments and shall provide timely documentation of disability in an interactive process.

2.0 An accommodation shall be (a) a change or adjustment to a job or learning environment that permits a qualified job applicant or employee with a disability to participate in the job application process, to perform the essential functions of a job, and to enjoy the employment benefits and privileges of employees without disabilities, and (b) a change or adjustment to any program or activity open to the public that permits equal participation by a disabled person.

3.0 Compliance

3.1 The Center for Human Resources, in consultation with the University’s Disability Access and Compliance Committee, shall develop and maintain procedures to implement and enforce this policy regarding job applicants and employees. The Office of Employee Relations and Compliance shall do likewise regarding the general public. Copies of these procedures shall be available in the Center for Human Resources and the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance.

3.2 Complaints regarding application, violation, or enforcement of this policy shall be made to and coordinated by the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance.

3.3 Retaliation is illegal. Retaliation against anyone reporting or thought to have reported prohibited discrimination or violation of this policy or who is a witness to or otherwise involved in an investigation of discrimination or policy violation shall be prohibited.