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Labor and Employee Relations (LER) are often characterized as employee to employer and employee to employee relationships in the workplace.  Expectations of conduct, working conditions, compensation, and performance are all placed under this umbrella.  Labor relations is further associated with written labor agreements (“Collective Bargaining Agreements”), which are negotiated and agreed upon by management and union representatives through the collective bargaining process.  These agreements formally describe the rights and obligations of represented employees and management in relation to each other.

LER at San Diego State University interprets and administers each of the staff collective bargaining agreements (except for the agreements for Unit 3 – California Faculty Association, and Unit 11, United Auto Workers, which are interpreted and administered by the Provost’s Office). LER encourages and fosters cooperative and productive relations with the various unions on campus to affect a respectful, enjoyable, and efficient working environment. 

LER also oversees the grievance/complaint process contained in the respective collective bargaining agreements, and provides counsel on matters of performance management, corrective action, and progressive discipline. 

Labor and Employee Relations:

  • Ensures development and implementation of policies and procedures associated with state and federal affirmative action, Americans with Disabilities Act, discrimination and sexual harassment issues.
  • Maintains and implements employment policies and procedures in compliance with applicable state and federal equal employment opportunity laws and regulations.
  • Responds to all employee grievances and complaints filed by employees pursuant to their respective collective bargaining agreements.
  • Responds to complaint investigations conducted by governmental regulatory agencies.
  • Provides training on equal opportunity law and policy to the university community, through workshops and presentations.
  • Defines, publishes, and disseminates SDSU equal opportunity policies and procedures.
  • Prepares reports required by governmental regulatory agencies.
  • Serves as a resource to the campus community.