Travel Request and Expenditure Claim

Travel Authorization Form (T2)

       **Travel WorkFlow 

       **Letter from SDSU Controller

  1. SDSU uses the Form T2 to document the authorization for an employee to travel.
  2. The T2 requires a TAD approval before travel begins.
  3. TAD is the Travel Authority Delegation. This is the list of T2 approvers.
  4. In addition to TAD approver, International travel requires Tom McCarron or Agnes Wong Nickerson approval on T2 before the trip.
  5. May also require Chancellor’s Office Approval if traveling to War Risk Country.
  6. Domestic lodging at rates above $275 per night, excluding tax requires justification on the T2.
  7. Travel Advances (up to 80% of estimated total travel expenses).
  8. Direct Payments (conference registrations, airfare, car rentals)
  9. Enrollment in the Defensive Driving program is required if:
    1. You drive a university vehicle.
    2. You use your personal vehicle more than 12 times a year and/or request mileage reimbursement anytime when driving on university business.
  10. How do I enroll?
    1. Submit the following forms to Parking and Transportation Department for approval:
      1. Waiver/DMV Check.
      2. Authorization For Release of Driver Record Information.
    2. Submit the following to department (if applicable):
      1. Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business.
  11. Upon approval, Parking and Transportation Department emails link to take online course (30 days to complete).
  12. Ongoing compliance:
    1. Online course must be completed every 4 years.
    2. Submit Defensive Driver Yearly Release to Public Safety annually.


2021 Travel Expense Claim (TEC)

  1. SDSU uses the TEC Form to document all expenses related to travel.
  2. The TEC requires a Fiscal Authorization Hierarchy (FAH) approver to sign the form.
  3. Persons having the authority to approve travel cannot approve their own claim.
  4. Travel claims cannot be approved by someone who reports directly or indirectly to the traveler. A one up approval is required.
  5. Approved claims must be received in A/P within 60 calendar days of the last date of travel.