Travel Checklist

  1. Travel Authorization (Form T2)
    • Request Authorization for your travel from your Travel Authorization Designee (TAD)
  2. Pre-Travel Considerations
    • Have you completed or are you current on your Defensive Driving Certification?
    • Airfare should be coach or economy (upgrade is at traveler’s cost)
    • Do you require an advance or conference fee payment before the trip?
  3. Travel Considerations
    • Meals are not reimbursable if provided by conference
    • Reimbursement for tipping not to exceed 20%
  4. Travel Expense Claim 
    • Request for reimbursement of Travel Expenses must be filed within 60 calendar days from completion of travel
    • Travel Expense Claim must be approved by the appropriate Fiscal Authorization Hierarchy (FAH) approver.
    • Include itemized receipts for all domestic expenses $75 or more
  5. Still have travel questions?
    • Contact Lance Greenzweig (x44059) Or Kathy Echols (x44183)