Tax Information (1098T)

1098-t tax web bannerSDSU files a 1098-T form for each enrolled student for whom a reportable transaction has been made. Please carefully review all of the information presented here and contact a tax professional or the IRS if you need assistance or advice on tax-related topics.

View & download the 1098-T tax form via the Online Student Account

Taxpayer Relief

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (TRA 97) provides many tax benefits for persons paying higher education costs for themselves and/or family members. Benefits include:

  • Education tax credits & IRA
  • Withdrawals from traditional IRAs
  • Deduction for interest paid on student loans

The Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits, part of TRA 97, allow eligible taxpayers to claim a credit for qualified tuition and related expenses against their federal income tax.

  • A student who is claimed as a dependent cannot claim tax credit on their own tax return
  • The information shown on 1098-T is related to the calendar (tax) year
  • Health Services Fee is NOT a qualified expense; the amount shown on 1098-T is registration fees, less the Health Services Fee
  • A student may not be able to claim tax credit if a third party paid the student's expenses shown on 1098-T
  • When preparing tax returns, always check with a professional or the IRS to make sure the latest regulations are followed
  • Use IRS form 8863 to claim tax credit

Information contained in 1098-T only includes registration-related fees. Additional qualified expenses that do not appear on 1098-T include:

  • Application for Admission Fee (if subsequently enrolled at SDSU)
  • Graduation Services Fee
  • Credential Evaluation Fee
  • Miscellaneous Course Charges (such as Nutrition and Art-Ceramics Clay)
  • Mandatory lab fees

Consult with a tax professional or the IRS for guidance on reporting these qualified fees.

Where to obtain information related to to 1098-T and taxes: