Vendor Information

Information for Suppliers


  • Suppliers must obtain a valid purchase order number before providing goods or services to the university.
  • The university reserves the right to delay or withhold payment related to transactions provided without a purchase order number issued by Contract & Procurement Management.
  • Unless noted otherwise on the purchase order or contract, invoices should be submitted to Accounts Payable. It is the university’s policy to take advantage of discounts for early payment whenever possible.
  • Each supplier or contractor doing business with the State of California must provide Company information, please email the Accounts Payable Supplier Team on how to be setup. Government entities, federal, state and local (including school districts) are not required to submit this form. For additional information, see Supplier Information Packet.
  • Small Business Procurement and Contracts Act: The Government Code provides for small business preference where responsibility and quality are equal. See State Legislation.

On-Campus Parking

Parking permits for suppliers and visitors may be obtained at the SDSU Police Department’s Parking Services Office. Metered parking is available in selected lots off College Avenue. For additional information, call 619-594-6671.