Mission Statement

Contract & Procurement Management will advance the San Diego State University strategic objectives with timely acquisition of quality goods and services through:

  • Ethical procurement practices
  • Development of skilled procurement expertise and “best practice” processes
  • Continuously providing the university community with current CSU procurement policies and procedures
  • Diligent pursuit of broad-based competition ensuring maximum participation of small and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises
  • Consistent application of state, CSU and campus policies to ensure appropriate stewardship of public funds
  • Effective partnerships with internal customers, CSU system campuses, other non-profit and public agencies and our valued suppliers
  • Promotion and support of environmentally responsible policies


Contract & Procurement Management at San Diego State University will be an organization of highly trained procurement professionals, utilizing advanced technology, dedicated to delivering value-added, proactive, innovative procurement services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Code of Ethics

The San Diego State University Contract & Procurement Management Office subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the California State University Procurement and Support Services Officers Association. Since public employment is a public trust, purchasing decisions are made solely on the basis of the state code and the rules and regulations of the University Trustees. University employees are prohibited from accepting, directly or indirectly, any rebate, gift, money, or any thing of value, or any promise of future reward or compensation.

As public employees and purchasing professionals, we commit ourselves to provide leadership and dedicated service to our customers and to apply our best, unbiased judgment each time we expend state or university funds and/or act on their behalf. We guide our activity through the application and adherence to the following commonly shared values and ethical standards in our daily interaction with suppliers and university customers:

  • Conduct business in good faith; demanding honesty and ethical practices from all participants in the purchasing process.
  • Avoid unfair practices by granting all competitive suppliers equal consideration insofar as state federal and CSU regulations require.
  • Decline all personal gifts or gratuities from present or potential suppliers.
  • Promote positive supplier/contractor relationships by according supplier representatives courteous, fair and ethical treatment.
  • Make reasonable efforts to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlements of controversies with a supplier(s).
  • Avoid involvement in any transactions/activities that could be considered to be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the CSU.
  • Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws governing the purchasing function and remain alert to the legal ramifications of purchasing decisions.
  • Enhance proficiency by acquiring and maintaining current technical knowledge and pursuing related educational opportunities and professional growth.